Monday, 14 February 2011

And I've Ten Lays

Another charming anagram of 'Valentine's Day'. Tokyo does still feel like an anagram of sorts; it's taken lots of things I know reasonably well - coffee, shopping, fashion, roads, etiquette, umbrellas, weather - and jumbled them up and mixed them around until there's only that sneaking suspicion left that these if you broke them down into their component parts, you could spot something you know. But as it, it's just nonsensically brilliant.

Last Friday night: underground (in all its senses) gig with Miila and the Geeks - sort of like CSS if they were Japanese and enjoyed feedback. They're on MySpace (still), and they're a saxophone, a drum machine, and a godawfully pretty girl with a bass guitar and a mic. Found the tiny bar they were playing at after a half hour of browsing online for s/thing to do, and coupled with the almost-Sapphic anime film (replete with English subs) projected onto the whitewashed/smoke-stained walls, was a top eve. The tipsied-munchies in MacD's afterwards didn't hurt matters, although my asking for a ヲッパ may have hurt the unfailingly polite till girl's feelings.

Still trying out the comedy scene (Eng.-speaking, course), and headed down to the Pink Cow for a stand-up night on Sat., and took Ronnie (♀, but then that feels Pokédexed) along on Sun. evening for an uptown event. Found some London Pride, which was a charming addition to the gaijin feel - much nicer chilled. Not looking forward to British tendency to only chill road, middle of, lagers. Also not looking forward to abandoning my Japanese peanut butter - or peanut cream, technically. As if it had been mixed with honey, and oh so good.  Must cut down on the toast.

After a rather complicated internship dilemma, should finally start work tomorrow. My two-week trial pass at the gym also expires tomorrow, so I'll find out whether they want me to get a bank account or if I can simply hand over some more large wodges of yen to keep going. Seem to keep spending said wodges quite easily - dropped what was actually only about a twenty-pound note the other night over a beer, entry, chips, and then udon, but felt like plenty more. That was with my new-found Japanese amigos - they all love to adopt a gringo or two, as I've found my housemates particularly enjoy (esp. the whole cultural issue of lavish gift-giving), although that hasn't really come into play for yours truly yet. Chopsticks crossed.

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